​Deez Ltd, founded in June 2015, is a distribution company looking to thrive beyond traditional B2B concept. By taking pride in our resourcefulness and connections, our success comes from building personal relationships with customers and partners.

We rely a lot on feedback from our clients and partners; in turn, results are extremely beneficial and positive. Our current brands consist of Liquiproof from the United Kingdom, Reshoevn8r and Official Sole Saver from the United States.  We create, not just business relationships, but also personal connections with our retailers.


Due to all the success we have had with our brands, promotions as well as live events with multiple chain stores, Deez has achieved marketing and PR recognition. Brand Promotion and Event Management have been implemented into one of the services Deez offers thanks to our expanding marketing team. We take pride in our work for Deez stands for Devotion, Enthusiastic, Excellency, Zippy.

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